About Us

Our team comprises specialists with a broad range of experience and skills.  We are experienced in both office and site-based work and have worked with clients on small to large-scale projects. This means that if things are heading for, or even hit, the proverbial fan, you have experience on your side. And better still, our experience means that we can often prevent things hitting the fan in the first place.

KLJ Procurement & Projects was founded as KLJ Consulting Group in September 1999 in response to requests, predominantly from the construction sector, for the provision of services targeted at construction and project management, contracts and procurement.

The company has progressively developed into a critical source of performance based project services including procurement, contracts and quality assurance, delivering outcomes for clients across a range of industry sectors, including rail, construction, mine infrastructure, resources, energy and manufacturing.

Whilst we have developed a reputation for hard work, we enjoy what we do, which is one of the key differences between KLJ and its competition. Our team enjoys working with other teams.

It’s like Mike Tyson says, “it’s when things don’t go to plan that experience kicks in”.

Our strength lies in our experience across the major industries and within our specialty areas of project management, procurement, contracts management and quality assurance.  Senior company personnel have front line and hands on experience as project managers, engineers and procurement and contracts practitioners, having worked on projects for suppliers, subcontractors, contractors, owners and owner’s representatives.

Our philosophy is simple.  We employ quality people and provide effective service.  Our people work with integrity and a shared value.  We are all dedicated to achieving the best possible results for our clients. For us, performance and value are paramount.

Senior Team

Procurement and Projects

Nick is a guru when it comes to procurement and projects. That’s why he leads our Procurement & Projects Service. His wealth of experience and network of contacts is an asset to those who engage his services. He is a provider of knowledge, expertise, leadership and mentoring on all matters to do with commercial risk, procurement, contracting and project delivery. Most recently Nick has affirmed his versatility assisting a major infrastructure client with the management of contractual difficulties with their Tier 1 Contractor, providing the management of procurement and contract elements within a major Feasibility Study, and has returned to his engineering days as a Project Manager on a mine infrastructure development project.

Contracts & Projects

Matt is the guy when it comes to projects, contracts and contractor management. That’s why he leads our Contracts & Projects Service. His engineering background and exposure to a diverse range of project works gives him the technical edge when it comes to managing contracts and their delivery both on and off site. Matt has developed himself as a highly effective operator focused on getting the job done, the right way.

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