Contracts can be nasty and boring. But we actually enjoy working with them because we know how to make them work well. We also like to draft new contracts, smoothly manage existing contracts and wrap them all up nicely when you’re done with them.

We’ve got a lot of experience when it comes to contracting and know all of the ‘ins’, the ‘outs’ and how to avoid the common traps.

We’re not lawyers, although we’ve worked with plenty, but we know they’re not always what you need. We like to think we’re easy to deal with, and that’s a bonus we give you for free.

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Contract Claims & Disputes

There are times during the course of a contractual relationship when the best course of action is to lodge a claim for an entitlement. Despite everyone’s best intentions, these claims can sometimes end in a dispute. The complexity of a claim or dispute is not always due to the value claimed, as sometimes the smallest of claims can present the greatest of challenges.

We’ve prepared claims and responded to claims. We’ve represented parties in claims and disputes matters and have advocated for them during negotiations and other dispute resolution methods. We’ve assisted owners, principals, head contractors, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, consultants and service providers. We’ve also worked with lawyers in support of formal resolution processes like adjudication, arbitration and litigation.

Some claims and disputes need expert assistance while others simply need additional capable resources. Whatever your need, when it comes to assisting with claims and disputes, we’re here to help.

Contract Development

Contracts – the complexity and sophistication of modern business means we can’t do without them. But who wants the difficult task of preparing one? We do! As contracts specialists it’s what we thrive on.

We’ve prepared contracts of all sizes, from the smallest purchase orders through to contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars. We’ve worked with all of the prominent Australian contract forms and many international contracts too.

We can develop a contract from your preferred starting point or amend an existing contract to give you more appropriate risk allocation. We’ll help make your contracts start working for you.

All of this means we can comfortably tailor an agreement to suit your specific needs, whatever they may be.

Contract Management & Administration

A contract might be as solid as a rock, but it can all fall apart without good contract management and administration. It’s important to be proactive from the beginning so that you maintain all of your entitlements, minimise your risks, protect yourself from those nasty surprises and generally get the most out of your agreements.

We’ve provided contract management and contract administration services to some of Australia’s largest projects and companies. The bigger the contract, the harder it can be to manage, especially if things start to go wrong. That’s not to say that small contracts aren’t equally as critical to manage correctly. We’ve also assisted many smaller players to achieve great outcomes under their contracts.

Waiting for something to go wrong before you act is the last thing you ever want to do. That’s why you’ll find our experienced, professional and astute contract management and administration services to be a wise investment in your commercial wellbeing. Don’t let success get away from you.

Contract Review & Strategy

We all appreciate the importance of ensuring our contracts and contracting strategies are commercially sound, but the process of reviewing the contract documents can be complex and time consuming.

We’ve made contracts our business, so reviewing clauses and recommending amendments where required is second nature to us. We also know how to avoid those contracting pitfalls and can make sure you are well placed to handle the situation if your contract presents you with those difficult challenges.

Leverage off our experience and expertise in contract review and strategy and we’ll make sure your next contractual engagement gives you the right balance between commercial benefit and risk.

Contractor & Supplier Management

Sometimes managing a contract is the easy part – it’s often managing the contractor or supplier that presents you with the greatest challenge. Whether you know upfront that your contractor or supplier is going to need particular attention, or things deteriorate unexpectedly, it’s critical that you take control and manage towards the outcome you want to achieve.

We’ve managed contractors and suppliers on both big and small jobs and fully appreciate that it doesn’t matter how big the job is, the ‘domino effect’ of one bad contractor or supplier can bring down an entire project. We have experience managing contractors and suppliers across the complete spectrum, from the well-behaved to the disorganised to the blatantly mischievous.

Our contractor and supplier management services will give you confidence that your contractor or supplier is under expert control and this will allow you to focus on getting on with the job.

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