When the time comes to make or defend a claim, or face a potential or current dispute, it pays to have expertise, experience and confidence on your side. Fortunately, we can bring all of these elements to your team when you need it.

Very few firms have the depth of front-end project experience reinforced by solid back-end claims and disputes experience that we do. That’s why we’re the right choice when you need to boost your claims and disputes capability.

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Claims Assistance

The importance of good claims management cannot be overstated. The outcome of your claims management could be the difference between commercial success and failure. Such a critical function of your contract deserves expert attention.

We’ve assisted many clients to understand the basis of their entitlement to make or defend a claim under a contract. We’ve helped them gather evidence and supporting documentation to substantiate a claim or defence to a claim and to prepare a claim or response to claim. We’ve even represented clients during claims negotiations.

Whether you need expert advice, or want to add some additional support to your claims team, our claims assistance service will ensure you’ve got the right people fighting on your side.

Dispute Prevention & Resolution

Some say disputes are unavoidable, but we say they are entirely preventable. The best strategy for avoiding disputes is to be proactive – don’t wait for the situation to deteriorate before you start dealing with the issues of concern. If you do find yourself in the middle of a dispute, your early approach to dealing with the problem can be the difference between a quick resolution and a complex and lengthy matter.

We’ve helped clients in the prevention and resolution of disputes from the earliest phase of developing a strategic approach to issues right through to making and defending claims and interfacing with legal representation as required.

If you’ve got the mindset to proactively avoid disputes and resolve them quickly if they arise, take advantage of our dispute prevention and resolution services – don’t wait until it’s too late.

Legal & Lawyer Support

Litigation is probably the last thing we ever want to be involved in. It’s an expensive, time consuming and incredibly confusing process, but sometimes it’s the only option – particularly if its imposed upon you by another party.

We’ve helped clients effectively interface with their lawyers by utilising our unique understanding of the construction, manufacturing and projects industries and the formal legal process. We’ve also helped lawyers when they need specialised assistance in dealing with technical aspects of a litigated construction, manufacturing or project-based matter or through acting as the intermediary between them and their client. We can even introduce you to some of our preferred legal associates if you are seeking representation.

So when you are faced with the difficult task of getting yourself through the legal process, why not have a helping hand to guide you through? Take advantage of our legal and lawyer support services.

Security of Payment Assistance

When used effectively Security of Payment legislation has the potential to rapidly resolve construction industry payment disputes, but to many the process can seem treacherous.

We can help you with understanding your entitlements under the relevant legislation, developing a strategy that works best for you, and assist you through the claim, response and adjudication process if and when required. We appreciate that the issues concerning claimants can be very different to those concerning respondents – and we’ve worked effectively on both sides.

If its knowledge and experience with Security of Payment legislation that you’re looking for, we’ve got what it takes to manage your circumstances.

Warranty & Defect Support

Have you received a supply that was not fit for purpose or is underperforming? Are there defects in the works you have recently had installed? You might have a contractual warranty or defects liability period you can rely on to oblige your contractor or supplier to rectify the situation at no cost to you. For contractors and suppliers, you might be facing an inappropriate claim for warranty or defect that you consider is outside of your obligation to rectify or address.

Whatever side of the warranty or defect claim you may be on, understanding your entitlements and obligations is important for ensuring your issue is addressed with minimal cost and disruption to you. We’ve helped clients realise significant savings and avoid unnecessary expense with our proactive warranty and defect support services.

If you’re looking for astute management of your warranty or defect issue, look no further. We’re here to help you get the technical and commercial outcomes you need.

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