Warranty & Defect Support

Have you received a supply that was not fit for purpose or is underperforming? Are there defects in the works you have recently had installed? You might have a contractual warranty or defects liability period you can rely on to oblige your contractor or supplier to rectify the situation at no cost to you. For contractors and suppliers, you might be facing an inappropriate claim for warranty or defect that you consider is outside of your obligation to rectify or address.

Whatever side of the warranty or defect claim you may be on, understanding your entitlements and obligations is important for ensuring your issue is addressed with minimal cost and disruption to you. We’ve helped clients realise significant savings and avoid unnecessary expense with our proactive warranty and defect support services.

If you’re looking for astute management of your warranty or defect issue, look no further. We’re here to help you get the technical and commercial outcomes you need.

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